Sexy Strip Blackjack Christmas




Exactly what its says on the tin


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Sexy Strip Blackjack Christmas is, surprisingly enough, a game of blackjack you play against attractive women in Christmas outfits. Who would've guessed, right?

Everything about Sexy Strip Blackjack Christmas is very simple. You can choose an opponent from the different available models and play blackjack against them. The only change you'll notice between one model and another, though, is the different background image. Everything else is exactly the same regardless of whom you're 'playing against'.

Apart from the sexy component of this game, the blackjack gameplay is very simple and offers few enticing features. You don't actually lose or win money, either, because you are using virtual currency.

Sexy Strip Blackjack Christmas is just what you'd expect from a game with that name – nothing more, nothing less. If you download the game knowing exactly what it is, you won't be disappointed.
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